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Tunison Dias, Inc., formerly Tunison Smith (2005-2010) was founded by Garrett M. Tunison and Eric Dias in 2011. The priciples of our company had a vision to create a healthy work environment where clients needs could be met with the highest quality of work in a timely manner. Our company has taken many steps to provide our clients with exactly what they need. Principals and staff of Tunison Dias, Inc. are leaders in their fields who employ the latest technologies and create new technologies and methods to solve our clients problems. As our services grow and change over time, so do we. Tunison Dias, Inc. stresses the continuance and advancement of education of company personnel. Our company has an extensive network that includes engineering and scientific organizations, colleges/universities, technology companies, law firms, other environmental consultants and engineers, and government agencies which helps us stay on top of new technologies, methodologies, and assistance when experts outside of our company are required. Tunison Dias, Inc. prides itself on delivering high quality documents, plans, maps, drawings and presentations in a timely fashion. Our efficiency is a result of technology, management and company infrastructure. Our clients always deal with highly qualified principals or project managers that know the latest developments, issues, status or work being performed on a clients project. We only hire highly qualified well educated and driven employees that want to perform the best that they can. Unlike most engineering companies, Tunison Dias, Inc. can provide its clients with equally capable engineering and environmental consulting services. Of the two principals, one is a civil engineer and the other is an environmental scientist. These principals have worked together for several years, designing and permitting difficult projects before establishing their own company. They understand each others fields and know how both need to be applied to a project.